Your Number One Santa Barbara Janitor Company

Talking about your number one Santa Barbara janitor company should bring one thing to your mind. One company that stands out above the crowd, and makes you smile. Because you know they are the company that you have hired, and will never have a problem with getting the job done well, and right!
Because if you’ve read up on them before you know that any other company always loves the work they provide. In fact that shows through the fact that most clients will keep them as their janitor company for more than 5 years. Often times the only reason they will stop is because that company is no longer doing business in the area.
Plus the fact that out of every job we start, there is a retention rate for those new clients of 94.5%. Our employees are ones who are happy, trained, and know how to provide the best customer service around. Did you know our average working stays with us for more than 4 years? This is something that is almost unheard of in this type of business.
We also offer some great green cleaning products. Letting your company help out the environment along the way. Those produces have been certified to be safe for the environment, and are perfectly acceptable for a work environment. Meaning there won’t be health issues that come up because these safe products have been used to clean your office. So when you think of the best and number one company, now you know who to call if you haven’t done so yet!