A Great Commercial Cleaning Santa Barbara Service

Finding a reliable and good commercial cleaning service in Santa Barbara doesn’t have to be all that difficult. You just need to focus on a company who has been around for year, and one that you can trust.
With that being said a great commercial cleaning Santa Barbara service is truly only a phone call away. With Santa Barbara Building Maintenance you are getting more than just a cleaning service, you are getting a committed team that has been in the industry for almost 20 years. They’ve provided services to many local companies, which include a variety of warehouses, restaurants and office buildings.
They are such a reliable company that almost everyone who hires them continues to use them for years to come. That retention rate is an amazing 94.6%, which in unheard of when it comes to commercial cleaning companies. This means that they are truly doing a job that is outstanding. The average amount of time they have worked with customers in the past is around 5 years plus 2 months.
They are a company who always makes sure that safety will come first, and they have even shown a boast in the modification of Worker’s Compensation rates to 87%. The average worker loves to be employed by this company as well, staying for more than 4 years. Really in the industry this is something that is not heard very often.
When you work with SBBM, we give you great options that will help your company go green. Using products that have been certified as friendly to the environment, and effective as well as safe to use in the cleaning process.